Mini size 4.5-28V Input, 0.8-20V Output Step-down Voltage Regulator

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- Using imported high efficiency conversion chips.

- Imported Panasonic potentiometer.- Super small in size, only 22mm x 17mm in dimension, and 2g in weight. 

Product Details

Input voltage:4.5V~28V
Output voltage:0.8V~20V adjustable
Output current: 3A (max)
Efficiency:Max 96%
Output ripple:< 30mV
Dimension: 22mm  x 17mm  x  4mm
Weight: 2g

*This device is specially introduced to those experienced DIYers, basic electronic knowledge and DIY/welding skills are required, we are not responsible for damages due to lack of welding skills or wrong wirings etc.

*Check the output voltage and adjust the virable resistor to adjust the voltage if needed before connect to your device.