Lantian PDB with BEC Output 5V 12V

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--Installation Hole Distance: 30.5mm(support for Naze32 CC3Detc., the flight controller in 36*36 hole distance)
--Input Voltage: Support 2-6S,when the input voltage is 2-3S , can choose the 12V output via welding spot for battery voltage. The camare and VTX voltage can choose the 5V 12V via welding spot.
--PCB with 2oz copper foil 4 layer board, ensure the large current.
--Welding plate of battery and ESC arranged in pairs, more convenient for soldering.
--Dual way BEC, DC-DC synchronous rectifier 5V voltage regulation(3A)

Brand Name: lantian
Item Name: PDB

Package Included:
1 x PDB