Lumenier M3 Button Head Hardware Pack - 12.9 Grade, 7 Screw Sizes (460 Pcs)

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The Lumenier Hardware Pack is your all-in-one screw solution!

As many in the hobby know, screws come with almost everything you buy nowadays, but getting the ones you need and keeping them organized is another story. In this hardware pack, you'll find hundreds of screws of all different sizes, from M3x4 all the way to M3x16.

The hardware in the Lumenier Hardware Packs is made from high-grade 12.9 steel which is harder and more durable than the typical 10.9 steel found in many cheaper screws.

Keep your build tables stocked and organized with Lumenier Hardware Packs!


  • Button Head
  • 12.9 grade steel
  • Socket Head ID: 2.5mm
  • Flat and button ID: 2mm

Note: Every pack consists of only one selection of screw head.


Each hardware pack comes with 7 different sizes of screws listed below with their respective quantities

  Button Head

  • 50 x M3x4 
  • 50 x M3x5
  • 100 x M3x6
  • 70 x M3x8
  • 60 x M3x10
  • 50 x M3x12
  • 30 x M3x16
  • 50 x M3 Washer
  • 1 x Box