Racer X FPV Speed Racer TWIG Ultralight FPV Frame

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The "Speed Racer TWIG" is a micro quad kit that you build yourself.  The premium carbon frame is 112 mm motor post to motor post and a true X design that is 2 mm thick.  The frame by itself weight only 7.9 grams.  Most completed builds are between 45 & 55 grams depending on the components you choose.  This frame is a very high quality carbon and is chamfered .6 mm on both sides.  Our signature racer style designed frame not only looks amazing, but the design also allows it to be much more durable than most others in its class.  The TWIG carbon frame has mounting holes for standard whoop style AIO flight controllers as well as 16 mm X 16 mm stacks.  Motor mounts are universal to accommodate both standard 4 hole 9 mm X 9 mm mounting such as most 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106 motors and  can also accommodate 3 hole mounted motors such as 08xx and HappyModel EX1102 & EX1103 motors.

Also included in the kit is our "Speed Racer" White TPU Canopy and all the mounting hardware required for a standard whoop AIO flight controller.  The following hardware is included: (4) M2x16mm screws, (4) M2x6mm nylon standoffs, & (4) M2 nylon nuts.  If you want to use a 16 mm x 16 mm flight controller stack, you can use (4) M2x10mm nylon standoffs instead of the M2x6mm provided, and (4) M2x20mm screws instead of the M2x16mm screws provided.   All sizes of M2 screws and nylon spacers are readily available for purchase at most hobby shops.   This kit also includes multiple ways to mount your batteries. 

The frame has large velcro strap slots that are 18 mm x 2.8 mm so you can use the provided 10 mm x 150 mm velcro strap that can be cut down to any size or your own velcro strap.  The the kit also comes with a 30 mm X 20 mm silicon rubber sticky back battery pad to keep your batteries from sliding.  Every kit also includes our unique TWIG TWIST self-adjusting TPU battery mount that can accommodate batteries up to 3S 450 mah.  This kit is truly a universal kit as you can use 2 inch, 2.5 inch,  65 mm, & 3 inch two bladed, tri-bladed, and even quad bladed props.  The kit includes a set of HQ's T3x3 premium 3 inch two bladed prop.  This kit is truly an amazing kit with so many ways to build it.  We look forward to seeing all your custom builds and featuring them on our website.   





Betafpv 0802 12000KV Brushless Motors


TBS Unify Pro32 Nano 5G8

FSD-Nano V2 Receiver FRSKY Compatible RSSI

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Amazing 3" ultralight

This frame is hands down some of the best quality you will find for the money. The frame is chamfered and incredibly well cut. The canopy is a nice flexible material that isn't 3d printed but appears to be injection molded and has a nice smooth feel to it. It appears to be very well thought out. All in all if you're in the market for an ultralight "toothpick" style frame for your next build this is the one!