VAS Video Aerial Systems CONNEX PROSIGHT HD Upgrade 5.8GHz Combo

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The HD Linear Upgrade Combo Set is a Genesis Array paired with our HD Transmitter antenna set. If you are looking to upgrade both sides of your 5G HD system (ie-Connex Prosight) for the first time or you simply want the ease of ordering a single item, the HD Upgrade Combo is for you.

What's Included: 

The Genesis is an 11dbi Linear Array designed for today's modern 5Ghz band High Definition FPV systems. This single panel array houses five Vertically polarized Linear antennas with a 115 degree beamwidth. Don’t let that fool you though, we have flown over 1000ft behind this array. All five antennas are manufactured on MilSpec RG-316 cable for durability and terminated with an RP-SMA connector for perfect integration with today’s Digital systems. A custom 316 stainless steel bracket for mounting the array with a Connex receiver together on a tripod via the standard ¼-20 bolt is also included. If you are looking to push range limits on 5Ghz band based High Definition systems, the Genesis should be your first choice.

Gain: 11dbi
Beam width: 115 degrees
-3db point: 55 degrees

Frequency Range: 5100mhz-6200mhz
Polarization: Linear (Vertical)

When looking for an upgrade to your 5G HD system's fragile PCB board antenna, look no further. The VAS HD Dipole is designed as a durable replacement to those PCB antennas that are detuned by any material they are placed in contact with and require awkward mounting solutions. Not only are they durable, but they are balanced specifically to counteract the issues placed on antenna systems by poor installation practices. We have incorporated not one, but two baluns to ensure the best possible transmission from vehicle to ground station. While it may appear to be a humble sleeve/bazooka style dipole, it is far from it.

We have also included MMCX to SMA extensions to allow you flexibility in installations. You are not limited to mounting these in awkward positions on your vehicle.

Gain: 2.05dbi

Frequency Range: 5100mhz-6200mhz
Polarization: Linear

Package includes: 1- Genesis Linear Receiver Array, 1- Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket and 1 Pair- HD Linear Transmit antennas w/MMCX to SMA Cable