VAS Microwave Folded Dipole 2.4GHz

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The folded dipole is the perfect upgrade to your Taranis or Spektrum radio for pilots who need a stronger control signal. The folded design raditates the control signal more efficiently than the stock antenna, especially near the ground. Soldering skills are required to install this mod. It can be used with your 2.4 transmitter and installed vertically or horizontally to match your aircraft polarization.


  • 1 x 2.4 dipole
  • 1 x SMA mod extention


Spend. This. Money.

I rarely sit down to do full reviews. This product I felt the need to. This antenna is wonderful and does every thing it says it does. Back to back flights one on a 5dbi and one on this one... astounded. Gobsmacked. Blown over.
5 dbi at about a 1/4 mile had me in the 50s RSSI. This thing? 85-90. At a 1/4 mile. on 2.4. Never.

amazing antenna

If your looking for a great antenna for your radio look no further its amazing. increased my range and had no issues with the install. the item is ready to go out of the box. No cutting or tinning its done all you need to do is add a little heat and your golden.