TrueRC Singularity

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The 1258/1280MHz model is 47mm in diameter, 23mm high. It can be stem fed or side fed for flat surface mounting.

To begin, it got an extremely high axial ratio, the highest we ever measured on a CP antenna. Secondly, it has no lobes to get caught in things, bend and tangle up, making it more durable and practical. Last but not the least, it occupy less than one tenth of the volume used by a skew planar wheel (also known as clover-leaf). It is, by far, the most compact CP omnidirectional antenna ever made.


  • Frequency: 1.258-1.280GHz
  • Gain: 1.6 dBic
  • Axial Ratio: 1.0 (incredible)
  • Connector: SMA
  • Dimensions: 1.85″x0.91″+ 5″ cable
  • Weight: 17g


1x TrueRC Singularity 1280/58


1. I'm always like TrueRC and i use this antenna FatSharks and i'm quite impressed on how it picks up nice reception

with a patch Antenna. All round perfecto.