Rush Racing VTX V1.1 5.8G 40CH

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Rush VTX V1.1 5.8G 40CH 25MW 200MW 500MW Switchable Racing AV Transmitter for Fly tower

On Board Filter: 

High-power power systems tend to bring greater current disturbances, disturbing sensitive image transmission systems. Rush VTX integrated power supply filter to isolate interference, making returning picture still clear when flight is in high-speed.

Low Interference:

We have focused on suppressing the transmitted harmonics of the VTX, which makes the bandwidth occupied by a single transmit channel less than 20MHz, which also allows more players to use RUSH VTX graphs to fly at the same venue.

Direct reading of frequency:  

When the VTX works, on-board nixie tube will scroll the current set of launch frequency,and you can directly read.  

Quick Power Switching:

The VTX is equipped with independent transmit power adjustment button and a power indicator which can be switched between the 25mW, 200mW and 500mW transmit power with a short press of the button, and VTX transmission can be quickly switched with 2 seconds press of the button.

Smaller Antenna Connector:

MMCX connector can reduce 70% of the occupied space than traditional SMA, making them ideal for use with highly compact

FPVs. The MMCX-SMA coaxial cable allows the VTX to be fitted with standard antennas and it's installation position more free. 

Product Details:

Brand: Rush
Item name: VTX V1.1 40CH 5.8G 25MW 200MW 500MW AV Transmitter
Input voltage: 7-25V DC
CH: 40
Power transmission: OFF / 25mW / 200mW / 500mW
Weight: 6.8g

Item Packing:

1 x RUSH VTX V1.1 40CH 5.8G AV Transmitter
1 x 1.25T 5Pin connecting cable
1 x MMCX-SMA coaxial cable
1 x Instructions