TBS Led Micro Racing Gates (Set of 4)

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Our LED Racing Gates are the obvious next step for any serious Tiny Whoop racer. Sold in packs of 4 with included mounting options like clamps, magnets, hooks and grips, you can hang them anywhere you can fly a Tiny Whoop! Measuring 30.5cm by 42.5cm, these gates are the perfect size for micro drones. Included is an IR remote control for each gate programmed with dozens of animations and colour combinations to make your racetrack look awesome!  Power these gates with a 3S lipo battery (XT60) or an AC adapter (sold separately). 


  • 4x LED Gates
  • 4x Magnetic Mount
  • 2x Clamp Mount
  • 4x Hook Mount
  • 1x LED Controller Remote
  • 4x LED Controller
  • 4x XT60 to DC
  • 1x TBS RaceTracker Gate Interface