Sunnysky R2205 2300KV 3-4S Racing Edition

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These Sunnysky R2205 2500KV motors are quiet uneq, designed with a hollow shaft which is great feature that keeps your motors at a cooler temp which give you extra flight time. They are designed and crafted with a weight of 33g. For a motor at 2500KV they go like the clapure's. These guys are a racing edition brushless motor and do deliver and run with a 3-4 lipo battery. As a 2500KV
motor it's best to use a lipo that has 100C to get the most out of these motors that we're made for competing.

Brand Name: Sunnysky
Model: R2205
Item Name: Sunnysky R2205 2500KV 3-4S Racing Edition Brushless Motor
Color: Bule
KV: 2300KV and 2500KV (Optional)
Lipo Battery: 3-4S

Item Packing:
1 x CW Sunnysky R2205 Motor

1 x CCW Sunnysky R2205 Motor