Sumax INNOVATION 2207-2600KV EZO Bearings

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Sumax has stepped up to the plate with their motors, Sumax has worked hard by putting in the hard yards by getting the design, weight, speed right down to the T. The 2207 2600kv motor fitted with EZO bearings & the Shaft Material is Titanium TC11 Hollow Shaft. Sumax is something to considered being a lightweight motor to add to your racing frame.


Shaft Diameter: 3.0
Voltage: 16.8V
KV/rpm: 2600
Magnet: Curve N52H
Bearing: EZO MR84ZZ
Case Material: Magnesium Alloy 7075-T7 & 20# Steel
Shaft Material: Titanium TC11 Hollow Shaft
Stator Material: Kawasaki Silicone Steel
Stator Lamination: 0.15mm
Airgap: 0.14mm
Structure: 12N14P
Max Current: 37.06A
Max Thrust: 1404g
Max Input Power: 579.9W
Max Output Power: 431.9W
Max Efficiency: 74.74%
Max RPM: 33990
Motors weigh 26g

Recommended Propeller: 5040

Item Packing:
1x Sumax INNOVATION 2207-2600KV Brushless Motor