FlightClub Tokio SX

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The SX is the stretched X version of the Tokio X.  It still has all the great features of the Tokio X, butter mount, chamfered edges, hypotense carbon fiber cut, 2 screw canopy mount, camera and vtx protection, except that it’s 220mm to accommodate the stretch.


  • Butter Mount frame
  • Chamfered outer edges – eliminates sharp edges to cut velcro straps or wires. Makes the arms less prone to take a hit and fray. Looks damn sexy.
  • Completely flat bottom. Countersunk holes and butter mount makes the bottom completely flat. No more protruding screw heads to tear apart batteries.
  • Hypotense Cut – using 0/90 carbon fiber, the models are rotated 45 degree on the carbon fiber sheet so the carbon fibers run down the length of the arms. 0/90 Carbon fiber lays sheets of carbon fiber in a way the fibers lay in a tic tac toe pattern. If the frames aren’t rotated 45 degrees, the fibers are cut. This leaves only the resin and bits of carbon fiber down the arms. Rotating the model 45 degrees leaves the carbon fibers intact inside the resin. I tried Quasi-isotropic carbon fiber also. Quasi-isotropic is rotating each layer of the carbon fiber sheets 45 degree in the manufacturing process. This way the models don’t need to be rotated 45 degrees before cutting. Sounds nice but in this application where we need the strongest arms possible, 0/90 is better. Say if you have 8 layers in a carbon fiber sheet. On the 0/90 you have 8 layers of fibers going down the arm. The Quasi-isotropic only has 4 layers of fibers going down the arm


  • 1x Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 1x Rubberized Canopy Mount
  • 1x Hardware Pack (Screws + Standoffs + Nuts)
  • 1x Battery Strap
  • Black Shell