Banshee Akira Genesis Race Frame

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The Akira Genesis is the natural evolution of the Banshee Akira Black Edition. The frame has been in development for almost 12 months, 7 months of which it was being tested in the field over and over again by our awesome team pilots right here in Australia. The frame has been designed using the latest technology FEA analysis tools and almost 220hrs of rigorous simulations in order to optimise the strength vs weight balance. As a result, it features an ultra tough, light weight aero focused compact chassis, with dual bolt arms to minimise slop while keeping the whole arm change a 1-2 minute affair in the field. The arms have been beefed to 4mm, and the FC is now off the stack which helps to save the electronics - and yet we've done all this and keeping the frame a 190mm wheelbase.

We've also upped the game in terms of carbon strength, moving across to Toray T700 Japanese carbon weave - the same weave used in high performance mountain bikes. The aim is to add extra tensile and bending strength to the arms and chassis, which in turn decreases the likelihood of breakage against aluminium gates and flag poles during a race.

Depending on hardware you can expect a 270-290g build (excl lipo) putting it right in the sweat spot for a good balance of high speed stability and cutting edge cornering... No compromises.

Recommended setup (Racing):

1. FuriousFPV Fortini F4 and FuriousFPV 150A PDB

2. T-motor F40 Pro II 2400kv***, BH 2207 2500kv or similar motors

(***T-motor have employed an oversized cone washer to the base of the T-motor F40 Pro II motors - something unlike any motor on the market. As a result, some chamfering of the arm centre hole beneath the shaft screw is required - approx 0.5mm to clear the washer)

3. Aikon BL32 32bit 35A 4S or similar escs

4. TBS Unify Pro (5v) or HV or FuriousFPV Stealth VTX or similar

5. HS1177 camera mounting arrangement, but any will do, including micro cams (with TPU mounts)

6. HQ 5x4.5 v3 / Cyclone 5046 or 5050 props

7. Receiver of your choice

8. Dinogy Graphene Ultra 1300mAh etc.

NOTE: The pictures shown include all motors, electronics, etc for quad build ideas and are not included in the kit. The pod standoffs shown are optional (red) and can be selected in the configuration options in the side bar