LX5 leopard

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Leopard, natural predators, running at an alarming rate.

The name is Leopard (Puma), respectively, there are three kinds of specifications. Suitable for 4-inch paddle models, wheelbase is 195mm. Suitable for 5-inch paddle rack, wheelbase is 220mm, suitable for 6-inch paddle rack, wheelbase 225mm. Fuselage low center of gravity design.


The whole machine to use 3k ultra-light carbon plate + aviation aluminum # 7075 body.In order to strengthen the 4 arm, we also designed a fixed four arm of the aluminum alloy, so that the arm is not easy to shift.


In order to perfect for more cameras, we presented two programs of the camera splint, suitable for foxeer HS1190 model camera and Runcam Swift generation 2 generation models of the camera. In addition we also equipped with a PDB, with BEC output 5v 3A and 12V 0.5A. Machine all use YFS screws, 12.9 strength



Model: Leopard

Nickname: leopard

Wheelbase: 220mm (5 "), 255mm 

Arm thickness: 4mm

Side plate thickness: 2mm

The remaining thickness: 1.5mm


 Item Packing:

eopard quadcopter frame * 1 set

Comes with a diagram for easy instal 

 (NOTE:the flight control and camera which on the picture is not included!!!)