Banshee Talion Race Frame

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The Banshee Talion frame is dead sexy, but also fully featured. The frame sports a 213mm wheelbase which is actually a hybrid stretch X. The frame is designed for straight line speed and stability, while the configuration makes it feel locked in the corners as well. There is an optional pod configuration. The standard Race Pod (as shown) is the default, and a monkey seat version is available for strapping on a Gopro Hero 3, 4 or 5.

The default arms are 3mm thick and are extremely durable. Additional options now include 4mm Race and Freestyle Basher arms for decreased drag (Race) and increased strength (Basher) to meet your requirements.

Recommended setup:

Flip 32 Omnibus F4 Pro V3 Flight Controller flight controller

T-Motor 4S 30A dshot escs

Tmotor F40 II 2400 kv motors

TBS Unify 5v with SMA stubby antenna or ufl clover/dipole


All carbon, Alu standoffs, steel bolts, nuts, screws, straps etc necessary to complete the frame build.


The pictures shown include all motors, electronics, etc for quad build ideas and are not included in the kit.