OSD Doge 1 1/2

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The OSDoge 1 1/2 OSD is the perfect companion for F3 flight controllers that don't have OSD. Plug it in, flip the switch. Stack your F3 on top to add OSD, LC Filter, 5V and 12V clean power, and handy current/voltage sensor inputs.


  • 12v and 5v clean power supplies for your FPV camera and VTX
  • Onboard LC power filter
  • Mini USB connector for direct connection to a computer
  • Works with 3S and 4S batteries
  • Plugs right into your F3! Stacks with 10mm standoffs, included

Software Downloads

  • Download the OSDoge Handbook!

  • Check out FlightClub's Tutorial!

  • Watch this setup video by QuadQuestions!

  • OSDoge now ships with MWOSD which includes several bugfixes and updates. You can download it here: MWOSD Download (Mac users can try the 1.5 GUI here)
  • You can down the older MWOSD release 1.2 here: MWOSD R1.2 And the GUI here: MWOSD GUI R1.2+
  • Please note that an up-to-date version of Java is required to use the Configurator program, and an up-to-date version of Arduino is required to update firmware.
  • The usb-serial adaptor drivers for OSDoge can be found here: Download


1. Worth every penny

Yes, the OSDoge IS a little expensive, I can agree with most people on that, now that I have it and used it and have RSSI and battery voltage on there I can say that  is a little high, I think  would be a perfect price for this board. BUT!!!.... To be able to have an LC filter, a 5V supply for the Naze and a very good OS

2.Great OSD

I was using the minimosd before I bought this, and I am very happy about the switch. My build is very clean, and I love the built in voltage regulator. The best part of this OSD, in addition to the actual OSD, is the ability for me to now switch between 3s and 4s without frying any fpv gear, as this provides VERY clean 12v to my video gear

3.Great osd and power filter

Love this stackable osd.

Easy to solder.
Easy to set up.


Got two quads with OSDoge/Naze in now, bought second from ATFPV.
At first this looks pricey but provides power for Naze and all attached devices as well as Fpv kit, so removes cost and weight of step downs, BECs, OSD and LC filters as well as the associated cables. Makes very clean, light builds.
One from getfpv beat two other packages

5.Updated OSDoge

You guys should make a point to explain how this is the OSDoge 1.5, which is way better hardware than version 1. I have two of the older boards, and on both the large capacitor, presumably from the LC filter has ripped off of them both, in pretty minor crashes. I've had to get pretty creative to find a reliable solution.

6.Buyer beware!

I have purchased 3 of these since like the other reviewers, provides clean power and an awesome OSD. However, buyer beware! The large capacitor comes off pretty easily from the factory! No crashes needed. I replaced my caps and glued them and even still, the video fails to come on and sometimes goes black mid flight! All 3 OSDodge have failed me