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        Short Warranty by Rotor Riot

The "Short Warranty" by Rotor Riot is the first warranty of its kind in FPV drone racing and freestyle. The warranty will replace ANY item in the store which you accidentally destroy prior to flight (ie while building your drone).

As most hobbyists will tell you, many parts in this hobby never make it into the air due to errors made in the building process. There are two kinds of hobbyists - those who have destroyed something on the bench, and those who will! 

But, Rotor Riot is here for you! We are all about flight and enjoying this awesome hobby, and we're putting our money where our mouth is to prove it. 

So, if YOU destroy something on the bench, Rotor Riot WILL REPLACE IT FOR FREE. Period! Simply email our support team and they will record it and issue you a replacement. Before taking advantage of this industry-first warranty program, please read:

How to Use the Short Warranty

  1. Email Rotor Riot through the support channel on the site at this link. Provide them with your order number, a clear photo of the component and a clear description of the issue you're having and what you've done to try and solve it.
  2. Work with the Rotor Riot Support Team as they work through debugging steps, if any exist, to ensure that the part you think is destroyed is actually destroyed. If you do not debug with our team we cannot conclude it is actually destroyed, and as a result cannot honor the Short Warranty.
  3. Once the team agrees it's destroyed and it's determined or admitted that this was done through a fault of your own (ie not a defective component or dead on arrival item), they will record the event in the Rotor Riot system and generate an order for you or send you a coupon to purchase another for free. 
  4. Lastly, please completely destroy the item for us and send us a photo of this. Have fun with it! It must be clear to us that the item will never be used again. Creativity is appreciated and encouraged! :D

How Many Times Can I Use the Short Warranty?

ANY customer can use this warranty 1 time in a span of 365 days. So, if you use the warranty on June 1st 2019, the warranty does not renew until June 1st, 2020. BUT:

  • Customers who have spent over $3,000 at (beginning after March 1st 2019 because we do not have records which precede that date), are free to use this warranty an unlimited number of times. If you are loyal to RotorRiot, we will be loyal to you! This takes effect after passing the $3k mark. So if you pass $3k on July 4th, then anything purchased on or after July 5th can be use an unlimited number of times.
  • Customers who have spent over $500 at will receive a coupon for 10% off the item they broke if you have already used your 1 warranty use per year. Remember that once you pass $3,000, any items you purchase after that point can be used under this warranty an unlimited number of times.

A Few Important Details

  1. Only applies to items purchased through after March 1st, 2019. 
  2. If an item is dead on arrival, meaning that the issues you experience are a result of a manufacturer defect and NOT your actions, then that is just Rotor Riot Support doing its job and they will replace the item. This would not count towards your 1 use per year described above.
  3. Free shipping typically is NOT included unless you are purchasing over $50 worth of items in addition to your free replacement through the Short Warranty. If you're doing this, be sure to ask for a free coupon code so that you can just add the item at checkout.
  4. There is no time limit in order to claim this warranty, however it must be clear to us that the issues you are facing occur BEFORE your drone ever flies. This program does NOT apply to items destroyed in flight. It only applies to items which you destroy before ever flying. So, you should contact our support team before you fly your drone if you suspect an issue. Once you fly it you buy it (assuming the issue isn't a manufacturer defect).
  5. If the team suspects that you destroyed an item on purpose, or have flown the item, we can and will deny the Short Warranty. Destroying an item on purpose or lying to our Support Team is cause for cancellation of a buyer account at Rotor Riot.

We hope this program excites you. At Rotor Riot, we want everyone to enjoy this sport. We know that many shy away from the hobby due to its complexity and risk of breaking things before ever flying, and we are eager to do as much as we possibly can to remove that barrier and get YOU in the air and enjoying all that FPV has to offer. That you for your support of Rotor Riot, and welcome to the family.