L600 5.8GHZ 40CH 600MW VTX

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LIGHT 600MW(L600) is for Go-pro and DJI FPV transmitter.Work on one sell

battery,and connect directly to the Go-pro(Support Go-pro Hero3 and Hero3+,

Hero4).Come with SMA connector and you can have L SMA Connector so it can

easily place on the rear bottom.



With 40ch,and new LED show you with frequency you are working at.

Direct connect to Go-pro Hero3 and Hero3+, Hero4.

Work on 3.7v one sell battery.you can use tiny cambers to support it work

for long time,500mAh work for 1.3hrs.

SMA connector,we suggest you to chose the short type of Clover Leaf


A soft 4pin cable will be arrange for FPV use.You can have other source

of video in.

Great to work with DJI 2-Axis and 3-Axis Brush less Gimbals.Use a sticker

to stick battery to the back of the gimbals to get balance

Key Parts:

* Long Press:press and last for 3sec,and the band will change following

A-B-E-F circle,and CH always go to CH1 for next band.

* Short Press:CH goes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and circle.



Model:L600(LIGHT 600mW)


Voltage input:3.5-5.2v

Send power:600MW

Work current:360ma/3.7v

Work temperature:-20 to 85 degree

Video bandwidth:8M

Audio encoder:6.5M

Connector:USB video connector(To Go-pro.Support Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4)




Item Packing:

1 x Light L600 5.8GHZ 600MW VTX FPV Transmitter with Connecting Cable


( just a transimiter , the antenna and camera and other items do not included )