FPVCrate February

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                    IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFO             


                      Monthly FPVCrate $130+ value in every crate 

 FPVCrate is doing something special for the month of February. For the first time we are partnering with TBS! The box will be FULL of TBS goodies with amazing value! Limited amount of boxes available. 

NOTE: Available as a one-time purchase without commitment and no subscription.

If your not to sure about anything please get in touch at info@addictedtofpv.com


Purchase a box full of curated 5" FPV/Quad parts at a value impossible to receive if purchasing the parts individually. Some products may be exclusive just for this box!

We are fans of the same stuff you are! We work hard researching and making sure you receive the perfect combination of quality products in your monthly mystery FPVCrate :) 

Expect your FPVCrate to be filed with 5+ amazing items. value in every crate. 

  • Prime Item: Set Of Motors, ESC's, Flight Controller, Frame, Camera ...
  • Secondary Item: VTX, Antennas, LED Lights ...
  • Supporting Item: Propellers, Battery Straps, Hardware, Tools & Other Building Supplies, SWAG
  • More Extras: Stickers, GetFPV Coupon Codes to your favorite FPV stores, and random giveaways


✔️FPVCrate February 

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