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                       FPVCrate Archived January 2020 

This Crate is a one time purchase only. We will be doing subscription to get the best price ever!

If your not to sure about anything please get in touch at info@addictedtofpv.com

                              Crate Valued at $125+

Expect your FPVCrate to be filed with 5+ amazing items. value in every crate. 

  • Prime Item: Set Of Motors, ESC's, Flight Controller, Frame, Camera ...
  • Secondary Item: VTX, Antennas, LED Lights ...
  • Supporting Item: Propellers, Battery Straps, Hardware, Tools & Other Building Supplies, SWAG
  • More Extras: Stickers, GetFPV Coupon Codes to your favorite FPV stores, and random giveaways

Archived January Box Contents: 

  • FPVCrate Crater F7 Flight Controller 
  • 1200TVL Foxeer Micro Razer FPV Camera 
  • FPVCrate Yema + Booster T-Shirt 
  • Dalprop SpitFire T5147.5 Propeller (3 sets) 
  • FPVCrate January Sticker Sheet 
  • Discount Coupon Card 


 ✔️Monthly  Archived January 2020 Box one time purchase

So far it’s been great

Ronnie on Dec 09, 2019

I don’t typically leave reviews unless I’m blown away by the good work, or I have a really bad experience. But I’m happy to say that FPV crate has been top notch the best out of all of the subscription boxes for drones. I had a slight issue with the order and it was taken care of immediately no that was top notch I didn’t wait days, or even a day I waits a few minute for a rely to my email I was shocked! I really like this company a branch from
Getfpv and they know what they’re doing 100%!!

Box was light

Joe Wilson on Nov 20, 2019

Not happy, the crate and box guys don't get it. every month we should be getting great deals, exclusive items, or club only savings. That's the whole point of the monthly subscription, if you search internet for monthly club subscriptions they are giving away items that double the retail prices. I know they have to make a buck, but everything that the crate has sent out can be purchased on the web site for the same retail price which is equal to subscription price, except for the first crate. You got to put the work in with manufactures to get lower than cost prices for large quantity purchases. So instead of a special monthly club, its like having someone buying you a few kwad parts every month, that you could get cheaper somewhere else if you do your own shopping. Hopefully someone will realize we are not getting anything special, oh wait decals yea those are exclusive beg my pardon. One more thing, a camera in a plastic bag no hardware and a wire harness tossed in, yea not happy. The Cadex Turbo 2 far from a quality item as they stated, the Ratel would have been my choice foe the crate and the new 20x20 stack rush tank.

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the review! FPVCrate only includes new released products, as well as, we include exclusive to our members FPVCrate products only available to our subscribers. Please look at the link below to summarize what was included for the past five month: https://www.fpvcrate.com/blogs/news Caddex Turbo 2 hardware has been available at FPVCrate store to our subscribers at no cost and with free shipping whoever would need it. If you have any questions you can always email us at support@fpvcrate.com and we will respond right away. Thanks


a great deal

jason robertson on Nov 09, 2019

This box was a great value filled with top notch parts.if youre new and need some help finding good parts or you know what you're doing and just looking for a deal this box delivers.

Suprisingly good!

George weissberg on Oct 03, 2019

I was very happy when i got an esc in the September box, cause i just fried one. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it does dshot600! I also really liked the shirt, and it is now a permanent staple in my fpv apparel closet

First timer

MoneyShot FPV on Sep 27, 2019

I have been hesitant to buy into all the boxes because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money. Did I want to spend that money on something I knew I could use or spend it on a box of parts that were unknown??? Got my first crate and I was quite happy. A couple of items were actually something I needed for my next build. I’ll give it a couple more months. Hopefully they keep coming strong.

Amazing Box

Dwayne H on Sep 21, 2019

So far every box has had awesome high quality items in it. Shipping has been okay although I really wish they would do away with DHL (horrible shipping company with terrible tracking). Other than the DHL part I absolutely love FPVCRATE. Oh and the FPVCRATER shirt we got is bad to the bone!!!

Crates are great! DHL sucks!!

KindFPV on Sep 21, 2019

The contents of the crates have been pretty awesome! They are improving with every new Crate! They ask and listen for/to improvement suggestions.

The only downside...DHL is very, very slow though once crates hit land!!

Contents fine, shipping horrible.

Deal on Sep 20, 2019

Let's see, first of the month payment immediately taken. Sometime around the 15th a label is created, or information is sent to DHL. A few days later, yes after the "guaranteed" ship date of the 15th the process actually starts from Texas. They then apparently walk my box from Texas to St. Louis as it takes days (six to be exact on last months box) to the USPS. Then it took two days to get to my door on the west side of Missouri.

My September box is showing delivery on the 24th. Twenty-four days from when I actually paid for it! I'll be charged for the next one almost the same week I get the one I'm already owed.

I was in contact with someone, but they quit responding to my emails....

And to think I upgraded to the Premium. I think I did, as I can't get anyone to respond to my cancellation email for the standard box either....

Great box, TERRIBLE shipping

Dano on Sep 19, 2019

In today's world of fasted pace internet sales the world demands shipping the same or the next day after charges to my card are made. FPVCrate takes two to three weeks and then another 3-6 days for the tracking number the show up. What's up with that?
I'm getting the coupon, using it and changing subscribers.

Great Crate + Fantastic Support

BrickWallFPV on Sep 18, 2019

Got the FPVCRATE to try new stuff and so far I'm happy. Great Support too!!

Not bad

Jakinakrak on Sep 18, 2019

Overall not a bad box. I was disappointed in the Aug box the hat was cool. I am going to see how the next boxes is before i decide if this is right for me. By the way there tech support is very fast and helpful.

Best monthly box ever!

Dave Guizzotti on Sep 13, 2019

I have never seen such an amazing fpv box in my life. I started receiving fpvcrate since they opened. Every month I can't believe what I get for such a low price. They seem to know what I need and deliver on time with text updates. You can't beat that!

Good value, fantastic customer support

Johannes on Sep 11, 2019

I had some trouble with shipping and delivery initially, but customer support responded fast, was empathetic to my situation and worked fast to provide answers and come up with solutions. As to the box content so far, it's been pretty flippin' good, with very few exceptions in my opinion. The prime items so far has been really good top shelf stuff and the secondary and supporting items have all been useful stuff that wasn't on my radar, but that I'm really glad I got, set my imagination going, and that I will probably include in a quad build later on. The only negative thing I can think of would be the coupon codes since they are very USA oriented and I live in Europe, and so don't order from there more than maybe once or twice per year. If you live in the US, this is probably the best deal you can get, bar none. If you live in Europe, a bit less so, but still good.

Great products + fantastic customer service

Andrew on Sep 09, 2019

I have received 2 months of FPVCRATE. The products are great, and when compared to my prior drone builds, the parts are upgrades for my current fleet. I also had some technical issues, which I helped cause, and I was able to reach out to customer service. Customer service was quick, kind and helpful.

Best fpv box

Goodbye_Lo-Fi on Sep 06, 2019

This is finally an FPV subscription box that is worth getting. Products you will actually use, gear you want and at a hefty discount. Go ahead and give it a shot.

Worth it

Steven on Sep 04, 2019

Great products for half the price. And get to try out new stuff that I wouldn't normally.

Love it

Charles Goertler on Sep 03, 2019

The first 2 boxes have been great and on time lol not like the other box I used to get. I can't wait for this months box

Loven It!!!

JDP_FPV Jason P on Sep 02, 2019

August was my first FPVCrate box and the Diatone F7 board was awesome! I do wish there was more than 1 bag of props especially with this box being more expensive than the others but over all I was impressed. I wear the hat almost everyday and I already have a plan for the F7 board so all in all an excellent deal! Can’t wait for September’s box :)

Not quite what I was expecting

Uncle Cracker on Aug 31, 2019

I currently purchase all three subscriptions, one of them in my opinion has fallen short, the other one is okay with the boost item. This box was better than the other two. I guess I was expecting more than one bag of props, don't get me wrong the hat was of nice quality but when you have a melon head it looks sort of funny. I'm not complaining it ain't their fault. The extra things the smaller stuff I think I could do without. I have now cancelled one of the subscriptions and I'm hoping that the next box will be better. FPV Crate keep up the good work, keep us impressed and this will go a long ways.

Good but not Great

Tommy Ham on Aug 30, 2019

First the great and that is the customer service, I had a little problem and the customer service was excellent, the F7 flight controller with blue tooth, it is timely arrived on the 14th. The good, I think that I am a prime target for this service because I just got into FPV so anything that you give me is useful, but a heavy black hat, stickers (not super cool sticker), 2 sets of LED's (why not 4). I came away feeling like it just was not enough bang for the buck because lets all remember its $50 plus $10 for shipping and handling plus tax you are all in at $64.50 and that fees high for what I got. I am excited about next months and I have agreed to stay on for another month of the subscription, I just hope its great not just good.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Ben Anderson on Aug 30, 2019

I joined this subscription box not out of necessity for any one specific part, but to receive a part I might not have likely bought outright. It's giving me a chance to try out new and different manufacturers with new technology items. Both months so far, the prime item has been something I wouldn't have purchased. BUT, I'm excited to try them out! Thanks for the awesome boxes and can't wait to see what I get in the future.

Mixed bag

Javi on Aug 29, 2019

The boost/main item both months have been quality, arguably better than the other subscription box I pay for. Though the supporting loot is less than stellar; a single set of propellers?? At $15 more expensive I wish the shipping would be faster, but the value has still been there for both boxes so far. Love the hat!

Awesome monthly collection and a sweet quad build in process.

EyeStation on Aug 29, 2019

Got in late on the July box, but after getting the August box and it's contents, I immediatly ordered the July box and got it at a wonderful discount for being a subscriber. (and extreemly fast to boot). Looking forward to this FPV Crate quad being in my collection.

Better than the rest

Jason on Aug 29, 2019

So far everything I have received from the boxes has been current items and much better value than other sub boxes. The only thing I have to complain about is the frame in the box did not come with a bottom plate. Other than that great box, I even found a use for the quad stand (though I need ten more). Thanks for hooking us up with great deals and great boxes. Keep up the great work.

Just installed the fc

Mlfpv on Aug 29, 2019

I love the FC in the box. Bluetooth makes tuning so much easier. I think only one set of props is better because if we end up not liking them we don't have two other sets to just sit or end up in the bin. The rest of the stuff is okay but I really like this fc.

Great value

Ron Thorne on Aug 29, 2019

Great value of items I can actually use ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nice value, nice variety!

pete armbrust on Aug 29, 2019

The contents are quality, and current. The store gets stocked quick with awesome subscriber prices. I like the billing & shipping structure too.

Best of the boxes

Brett on Aug 29, 2019

From the two so far they have been good, varied stuff, I like the little bits that you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself like the quad stand, impressed with the main items f7 fc is awesome looking forward to the future ones 📦

1st box was great, 2nd box only ok!

Jason Sparks on Aug 29, 2019

2nd box kinda ehhh the flight control was awesome but that was bout it..
hopefully September's box will bring it all together!!

Let's see

Simon Leier on Aug 29, 2019

I'm not very happy with the August box. I don't think it was worth the money. I still give them another chance for September. The box looks amazing and feels like a premium product. I hope the next box will contain something everyone can use (what should I do with a display stand?!).

The best box is a crate!

Jeff Parsons on Aug 29, 2019

Awesome products in this box. Only complaint is no shirt yet, only suggestion is to include at least 2 bags of prop. Cant wait for September crate!

Best monthly subscription box !

David Haderlein on Aug 29, 2019

I’ve received the first two months boxes, and was pleased with both of their contents. Great products for the price! Please send three sets of props though...Otherwise as soon as you break one prop you’re done testing them.

Boxes, oh boxes.

Alex Frangia on Aug 28, 2019

So far, I’m highly satisfied with the FPVcrate. It’s be nice if the unlimited free shipping applied to the crate as well though. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

August FpvCrate

Richard Van Veelen on Aug 28, 2019

My first crate! overall happy! well worth the money! quadaholics delight!

Very Happy So Far

Eric Head on Aug 28, 2019

I've gotten the first 2 Crate Boxes and have been happy with the Products/Cost involved. Does not help my addiction, but got another quad to build now!!!
P.S. I am also here because I support Bot Grinder!!

MOAR parts!

Tony on Aug 28, 2019

Got my first crate in August. Nice value per item. I made use of the parts and props immediately. I'd prefer more parts as opposed to other items like apparel, stickers, stands, but overall it's nice.

Decent value

Ben Warner on Aug 28, 2019

I have received both boxes and feel they have provided decent value. I feel the value will go up they get further into it. Had an issue with an item and the were super helpful and quick to respond. Good stuff and even better service.

Rough Starting

NNaschFPV on Aug 28, 2019

Over the years I have subscribed to just about every FPV subscription service and each has been going down hill. FPV Crate started out a bit rough in my opinion when they shipped frames in their first box. While I totally understand the reasoning behind it, I was a bit disappointed. The second one however has been great so far. I won't spoil it in case you haven't received it yet.... The only thing I would suggest changing is the shipping. Cutting it in half or making free would definitely bring more customers!

It's a nice value box on time

HDBoy on Aug 28, 2019

I received my first box in August and I'm very satisfied with the goods in. My expectations were high given the company behind it. I knew we'd always have quality stuff in the box and I'll say, they did not disappoint. Exceptional value!

Best of the monthly subscription boxes

WJRB on Aug 28, 2019

They knocked the first two boxes out of the park. Frame, flight controller, nice hat, other goodies. I felt you get your money’s worth with this subscription service so far.

Please please please don’t go the route of the other two guys and give out lame tool pouches that don’t fit tools.

Fun stuff

Ed on Aug 28, 2019

Enjoyed getting both boxes and hope to complete a build with just what comes in the box - this may take a while...

Love the fpv crate!!

James on Aug 28, 2019

Loved this moths box, love the hat!! I have already built the qavr2 frame!! Planing another build now with the FC we got!! Keep up the great work!!

Ps, loving the giveaways fpvcrate/getfpv is doing for us subscribers!! Hands down the best box!!

Awesome box!

Jon E on Aug 28, 2019

Have been subscribed since the first box, have loved everything in the boxes so far and I have high hopes for the boxes in future! Everything included has been well thought out and very much usable not to mention great for setting up a new flight box. I am excited for doing a build with the drone frame included in the first box and the FC from the second one! The discount codes included in each box have been a awesome little surprise as well!

Great Crate!

Kris Thornton on Aug 28, 2019

Love the August box with the exception of the hat, not a fan. I’m also planning a new build out after a couple of months with an excellent start here. Great deal for what you get, keep up the good work guys!

August fpv rate box

Venomsplat on Aug 28, 2019

Really liked the diatone themed box. The all metal stand is really nice way to display your favorite ripper. Keep up the Great work


deadmoo on Aug 28, 2019

I loved the assortment of items and discount codes included in my first box.

Great box

David on Aug 28, 2019

I have enjoyed the boxes so far. I love the hat and the frame. My plan is to do a complete build out of the parts that are sent in the crate. Looking forward to the next box.

Great Value!

Chris on Aug 28, 2019

I've been getting another subscription box for about a year and while I do like that other box, this one seems to be delivering better value for the money so far. Keep up the good work GetFPV!!!

It's good but...

MJ on Aug 28, 2019

Quality parts that I actually use and a lame hat that I will never wear. Please reevaluate doing shirts and hats or having an option to opt out. Other than that complaint this is the best subscription box.


Ferdinan Sanchez on Aug 28, 2019

Definitely the subscription box that you want to go with!

We will see how it goes

Evan on Aug 28, 2019

The first box in July was definitely a loss leader for FPVcrate, they gave away a lot of good stuff and they made up for it in August by sending fewer useful items, however the fact remains that this subscription service is owned by one of the largest FPV websites and as such I hope to see better value in the future as they get a better idea of their new business model.

July- good; August- not so much

ANDREW EVANS on Aug 28, 2019

I have received two FPVCrate boxes. I enjoyed the July box and the variety of the items. The August box was a little disappointing. I agree with some of the other reviews that the hat, serving as a larger item ($24), was less than desired. I was hoping that they would have included ESCs with the flight controller that was in the box. I would prefer more parts versus swag, like shirts, hats or stickers.

It's really good!!

Jonathan Faircloth on Aug 28, 2019

Other than the addition of tax and shipping costs there is nothing I don't like about the box. So far I've been really happy and will continue my subscription to keep getting all the cool stuff.

So far so good...

Myles on Aug 28, 2019

A little more expensive but comes with the GetFPV quality of products you expect.

Great Deal

Richard H. Foster II on Aug 28, 2019

This is the only type of crate that I am willing to buy. Great product selection, awesome picks, and a great bang for your buck. Highly recommend!


Jack Warat on Aug 28, 2019

Loved every item in the box. August was my first box,and I'm looking forward to many more.

randomness of awesomeness

tj on Aug 28, 2019

Hitting that spot of awesomeness and randomly keeping it all up to date. They have have something good going and they are sending it. Keep it up

not bad and better than the rest

jason robertson on Aug 28, 2019

this box wasnt too bad for real, drone drop gave me a frame that kwad box already gave me months (didnt like it then either)and months ago,i need this next box to be amazing though . i missed out on the first box and it doenst seem like well get back to that value again

Could be better

Dof on Aug 28, 2019

July box was incredible (frame, antenna, delivery time, support...)
August is not so good... Just a great fc which I need to test... And... That's all. The led... Bof, 1 pair of Tmotor... Why not 2?!, stickers... Who take care?! We already have billions... The stand for little quad... It's a joke?! And that's all...

I'm waiting more from THE fpv shop.
Perhaps less delivery time for France (send the 7 and receive the 28...)
T-shirt exclusivity?!
Choice for the antenna (I use lhcp!)
Premium electronic or motors?

So not disappointed but I will be careful for the next one and will review or not my subscription.

Pretty nice setup

Jonathan D Bentley on Aug 28, 2019

I had previously been getting a kwadbox for the year prior and for the cost, I get more from the fpvcrate. The shirts were nice every month from the kwad box but other than that and the props, it wasn't worth the money. I am excited to see what comes from the fpvcrate! Keep up the good work! The Qav-R frame flies excellent, it is one of my favorites!

A little bit of a let down

Glenn Guevarra on Aug 28, 2019

For the month of August the crate was a bit of a let down compared to July. And it was late.
The Hat was nice & the Diatone F7 FC. Other than those two items most people aren't really gonna use a quad stand and two LED strips. 1 set of props compared to 3 sets was not even up to par with Kwad Box & Drone Drop.
Hopefully FPV crate will knock it out of the park for September with Ummagawd stuff.

Value vs. value to me.

Kevin McFarland on Aug 28, 2019

Although not a statement about this particular product (of which this is my only experience) but with these mystery boxes in general, “what’s it worth and what’s it worth to me” are different questions. In the case of FPVCRATE they have believably provided more than I spent? But just as each month I received something of value to me, I also rec’d items that were not worth it to me. I think I’m still in the green, but $25 hat in August was a stretch. I’m excited for the ummatember box however. I planned to give three months as an experiment, so I’ll decide before October if I’ll keep with it.

Good content but slow delivery

Antoine on Aug 28, 2019

I’m still waiting for my August box - I live in France that might be the reason why. Other than that, great content

Good but could be better

Jacob French on Aug 28, 2019

August was not very impressive, but I’m holding out to see the ummagawd September box.

Not as good as expected

Jeff on Aug 28, 2019

In my opinion, the first month wasn’t bad, but the included frame should’ve included the bottom brace plate. The second month was light on the propellers, anytime you give props you need to include at least two packages. One broken prop and your done with those props. Two LEDs should’ve been 4. The hat was marked as a $24 dollar item but I don’t know anyone who would pay that much for a cap. I understand you have to make a buck or two but we know the items in the box are purchased at cost, so why include the retail price list to make us feel like we got a deal when most of us shop when we get a 12% code. The idea of the crate is that we are in a special group that gets awesome deals on items others wished they we involved with, if the crate isn’t special or fantastic, then there is no advantage to being a member when I can just buy the stuff in the store.
I’ve been a Kwad box subscriber for awhile, and 90% of the time they include more items than the cost of the subscription. I will hold out another month or two but if the value doesn’t increase or the wow factor doesn’t get better, I’m moving to drone drop.

Not bad

Adam Druffel on Aug 28, 2019

Not a bad mix of parts, but the cost of some apparel item would be more appreciated on hardware not hats. Other than that the quality of the parts and on time delivery is outstanding.

So far they’ve been great!

Jesse W Dennis on Aug 28, 2019

This is the first time I’ve done a subscription like this so all I can do in my review is compare it to what I’ve heard about the others. First and foremost, they are delivering on time. Secondly, although not all of us will want everything we get in these Crates, we all have friends and surely one of them would be ecstatic to have something that we won’t use. Honestly for what we’re paying for this, anything we don’t use and giveaway is really not a loss to us. So far I am very happy with the two crates that I’ve received! Well done FPV Crate!

I like being a FPVCrater so far!

Dannie Wolf on Aug 28, 2019

Always skeptical about the quad boxes out there so I didn't subscribe until GetFPV(my favourite store) offered one. So far the gear has been great, from the QAV-R2 in the first box to the Diatone Mamba F7 fc in the second- I love it. I love trying out different props and fpv gear and I like being surprised by stuff I may not think of like the Diatone quad stand or Lumineer LEDs. I'm have a very limited income due to a disability so I have to see value in my subscription, so far FPVCrate has been an excellent addition to my fpv addiction. Looking forward to the next FPVCrate!

Quite a disapointment

Robin on Aug 28, 2019

" PREMIUM 5" QUAD PARTS " But the 'outstanding' piece was a diatone support for those 2" quads ...

Good mix of items!

AJ on Aug 28, 2019

When I heard that getfpv was entering into the subscription market I was stoked. The boxes so far have offered some great value. What I also like is that members to the service also get a discount at the Fpvcrate store.

My one complaint is that the gear does not come with instructions. I’m still not 100% sure that I put together the Diatone stand (from August’s box) correctly for instance.

Awesome so far!!!

Nathan Mitchell on Aug 28, 2019

So far FPV Crate has provided high quality items and support has been top notch in all my experiences so far.

Decent Box

Dan on Aug 28, 2019

Overall a great box. Some items are situational that I wouldn't otherwise ever purchase so the retail value of the box isn't always what is advertised but still better than what is actually paid.

Awesome mystery box!

Aaron Sisco on Aug 28, 2019

This is a great mystery box, nice variety of stuff in the boxes so far, and there have only been 2! Looking good in my opinion!

Awesome Box with Great Stuff

Eric Loughry on Aug 28, 2019

To be honest I was skeptical about the crate deal. Upon receiving my crate I was really impressed with the items and packing. Really nice

Very impressed

Michael Zielinski on Aug 28, 2019

I am coming from the other subscription boxes and have been really impressed with the timeliness and contents of the boxes. I would highly recommend.

Love it, My Daughter decided she needed the hat from the August box more than I did.

Shawn Schneider on Aug 28, 2019

Maybe I need to get a second subscription so my kids don't take all the best things from them.

Awesome value always on time

John on Aug 28, 2019

Never late and always something good

Worth it.

Edward Pereira on Aug 28, 2019

Since the first box, I've made use of nearly everything that's been included. I've been able to try out brands that I wouldn't have normally bought, and have been impressed every time. There might be one small item in a box that I don't have use for, but I've already got far more than my 50 worth out of the crate at that point. FPV isn't a cheap hobby, and this crate does a great job of straddling the line between price and value.

Best box around!

Chris Shipley on Aug 28, 2019

Tried the other boxes, this one has the most value! Been super happy with it so far!

First timer

Gerson on Aug 28, 2019

Received my Forst box in August, couldn’t be happier! All the goodies inside were worth the price you pay for the subscription, did not feel ripped off at all!


Clay Lambert on Aug 28, 2019

I got my first crate and was pleasantly surprised at the high quality items I received. I love the crate!


Andrew Heyn on Aug 26, 2019

Hey joe if you contact DHL. FedEx.And UPS. They all have a signature form that will allow them to have your signature on file and they will drop your package without you being there to sign.

Amazing box, glad I left the others

James on Aug 19, 2019

Dont listen to joe down below whining about shipping. It states there is a 10 shipping charge and omg taxes we live in the states everything is taxed 🤦🏻‍♂️..anyways.... I started this when they first launched it.. all I have to say is AMAZING!! The thing that most impressed me was the way it was packaged, not the contents on the inside but how the protected our addiction so well!! Julys box was awesome. If u have subscribe yet give it a shot getfpv and fpvcrate are amazing ppl!! Looking forward to future boxes. That is for all the hard work guys!! 🤘

Super slow shipping!!!

Joe on Aug 15, 2019

$13.58 for shipping and tax from Texas to Michigan, dhl e-commerce! Shipped on a wed, tracking says delivery is next Tuesday!! WTFI paid for USPS! DHL makes me sign for everything, meaning I'll need to take a day off work and drive 65miles round trip to pick it up! If the August box doesn't impress me... I'm out!!!

Hi Joe, thank you for your feedback. It's the same shipping method we used in July. We have designed a create logistics solution to make sure our customers receive boxes on time - every month. USPS will be making a final delivery to our subscribers. We are super excited for you to receive your August box :) Have a wonderful evening.


No T-shirt

Marius on Jul 17, 2019

I was actually hoping for a nice exclusive fpv t-shirt. There was no :(
The included antenna is great.. but RHCP. All my gear is on LHCP :(
The frame, besides the props the only thing I might actually use, is great and the box worth the money (in plain numbers) and yet I'm not gonna order another one I guess.

Excellent Bang for the Buck!

Stacey Abshire on Jul 16, 2019

Been a long time subscriber to a competing subscription box, but when I saw this, I decided to switch for a while to see how it goes. My expectations were high given the company behind it. I knew we'd always have quality stuff in the box. And I'll say, they did not disappoint. Exceptional value! I don't expect it to always be this much bang for the buck, but no doubt we'll always get our money's worth.

Awesome box, excellent service!

Blake on Jul 15, 2019

Had some USPS shipping issues with my box, FPV Crate handled it immediately upon contacting them and got me another box. The wait was worth it, the box certainly did not disappoint!

Need Antenna choices!

DanielS on Jul 09, 2019

I've tried a few other FPV Subscription boxes, and while I'm glad they ask shirt sizes, you might think the more important question would be LHCP or RHCP!

I hate paying for stuff I can't use; and being every box I've subscribed to in the past ships RHCP antenna's I've had to move on and try another.
Hopefully soon there will be an antenna choice option, only then will I be signing up.

No t-shirt?

David Haderlein on Jul 07, 2019

I figured that Getfpv asking for a T-shirt size that a T-shirt would’ve been in the box also. That was a little disappointing...

Hi David, not every month we will include a T-shirt into the box. This allows us to give you more value on other items. However, there will be T-shirts and other cool SWAG in upcoming boxes :) We did have to collect T-Shirt size date right at the beginning so we have it ready for upcoming boxes.


Ttry it! IT'S WORTH IT

Dave on Jul 06, 2019

Always wanted to try one of these but wasn't sure it was truly worth the money. The first one definitely was!!! Can't wait to see what they do next month!!!

Finally cheap postage!!!

Allan on Jun 10, 2019

Have always wanted to get a kwad box in Australia... but they want US$33.25 postage on a US$43.20 box!!! Please get more stock so I can order July one, or take my money for August one.

Can't wait to see what's inside!!

RandomnessFPV on Jun 09, 2019

Can't wait his is gonna be awesome!

The best fpvcrate.com

michael green on Jun 09, 2019

Hope it's better than kwad box . O wait it will be

Pre emptive excitment

Spuds on Jun 06, 2019

Ok this review is before they even start shipping but this if finally a loot crate for my as an FPVer.

So stoked Thanks team.