The 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts are now LIVE!

21 Nov

Starting today, players from around the world can compete against one another in the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts. A global contest to determine who among the DRL Simulator’s pilots is good enough to join the pros for the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championships season. At the end of online tryouts, the 24 fastest pilots will earn a spot to compete in the live eSports tournament taking place in February 2018. The winner of this competition, will be crowned the Official Swatch Pilot for the 2018 DRL season, a contract worth $75,000 dollars!

Tryouts / Campaign Mode

  • 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts
    • Custom Podiums and Racer 3 skins have been added
  • Campaign mode
    • Per-Race Time breakdown can now be seen
    • Per-Race Replays can now be seen
    • Race Reset is now prohibited
    • Exit during a game will reset the entire campaign
    • Quitting during a race will incur a 03:00 penalty
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