TPU Universal Micro Swift Mounting Adapter

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This mount is specially designed for iFlight X series PFV racing frames which comes with side adjustable camera protection mounts like iX3 V2, iX5 V2 ect.

These mounting adapters allow you to mount a Micro Swift in any frame that is made for a standard 28mm wide swift camera. Just use the standard screws that came with your micro swift to mount the adapters to your camera, and the included countersunk screw and nut to connect to your frame. Now you don't need to worry about how to mount that micro swift in your standard frame, and still benefit from the weight savings!

Designed and machined in-house, sold as a set of 4 brackets for you to choose from two lengths. The longer arms position the lens to the same distance from the mount as a standard sized swift.

Package inlcuded:

1 set x Micro Swift Mounting Adapter set