HQProp 1.9x3x3 PC Pink Quad Propeller - Set of 4 (2x CW, 2x CCW)

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The HQProp 1.9x3x3 offer a great quality, lightweight and well balanced micro class propellers with big air foil, provides great thrust and fast acceleration, made of PC material.


  • 2x CCW propellers
  • 2x CW propellers


1.My favorite 1.9" props for my 3S micro!

These are the best props I have found. Stiff and fast, they grip well and my micro feels locked in.
They are quite tough and stay true even when abused. I often trim the weeds on our property with them and only the hardest hits have ever broken a blade. If you are looking for a great prop for a 2 inch, these are them.

2.Tough props

The HQProp 1.9 inch props are the toughest props I have found for my Kingkong 90gt. I have run close to 30 packs with these props on and I have not broken a single prop. There seems to be a little higher load then the other props that I have tried and flight times are a tiny bit shorter but I couldn't be more satisfied.
Good props!