Haitchpeasauce Antenna Mounts for Acrobrat by Ummagawd

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Custom made 3D antenna mounts for the Acrobrat by Ummagawd. Made to fit the back of the acrobrat. It has a perfect fit and very easy to instal by sliding in 2 of the back standoffs top and bottom. It fits any of the axii antennas range plus you can also insert 2 antenna tubes for your receiver.

The Acrobrat by Ummaaawd

Ummagawd created a miniquad that doesn’t intimidate newcomers, and doesn’t disappoint seasoned FPV pilots. A balance of size, budget and fun-factor, that encourages anyone to create awesome HD FPV videos, without risking expensive equipment, breaking laws, or scaring spectators

Venom Antenna Tubes

Antenna tube, 27cm long. Single tube with rubber cap, can be cut to suit shorter antennas.

Lumenier AXXII Stuby

Lumenier AXII Straight MMCX

The Lumenier Straight MMCX AXII 5.8GHz Antenna takes all the same technology of the full size AXII and adds a MMCX connector for direct VTX connection! Lumenier, in collaboration with renowned FPV antenna designer Hugo of TrueRC, brings you the smallest, lightest and best performing FPV antennas in the world. The AXII MMCX antenna is an original design that features a new RF pathway technology (unique hybrid network) allowing it to be incredibly light weight (2g) making it the smallest and lightest 5.8GHz CP antenna.

Made from TPU filament thats flexible 

Made to your colour of choice please notify us to get your preferred 

color  info@addictedtofpv.com

Designer:  Haitchpeasauce

Printed: Phoenix RC Creations

Package included:

1x Antenna Mounts for  Acrobrat by Ummagawd

NOTE This page only contains the antenna mount