DAL Cyclone T5047C Pro Propellers (Set of 12)

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The Cyclone T5047C Pro Tri-Blade 5" Props by DAL are an upgraded version of the Cyclone T5047C Series. These propellers feature faster cornering, less noise, and an excellent aerodynamic design!

DALProps has been a mainstay in the prop industry for a long time, and their Cyclone series is well known as some of the most dependable props on the market. DALProps have also been added to the list of manufacturers who have added POPO support into their propellers. Finding the correct prop you want with POPO is easier than ever!

Fast, durable and excellent props for racing!


  • 6 x CW Cyclone T5047C Pro Propellers Crystal Turquoise
  • 6 x CCW Cyclone T5047C Pro Propellers Crystal Turquoise