6x5x3 Lumenier Transparent Gate Breaker Prop 4pc

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The Lumenier 6x5x3 Gate Breaker propeller is designed for high speed, durability and extreme performance. Like it's 5" predecessor the 6" Gate Breaker continues with a balanced blend of efficiency and power. This unique and aggressive airfoil provides incredible thrust throughout the entire power-band, resulting in a "locked in" feel while flying with quick throttle response and acceleration. In addition to incredible power potential, the Gate Breaker also has great efficiency. Most high performance propellers suffer from high amp draw to achieve top-end thrust, but the Gate Breaker advanced airfoil allows for both high performance and good efficiency.

While many 6" props suffer with vibration resulting in "jello" in the video footage, the Gate Breaker are extremely well balanced right out of the pack and run silky smooth. With the Gate Breakers your video footage will be "jello" free giving you that cinematic and professional look.

The Gate Breaker uses airfoils that provide high coefficients of lift at extremely high angles of attack, without any stall characteristics. This trait allows for an extremely high pitch, fast, and aggressive propeller that is efficient even at static thrust conditions where other high pitch propellers suffer.

The Gate Breaker propellers are made from a new ultra-durable, crash resistant polycarbonate material. This allows the propellers to resist breaking in a crash or prop strike. Now you can clip a gate or a tree branch and keep flying! Each blade is 100% balanced direct from the mold as well, giving you smooth and precise flight characteristics.

FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle flying require high-quality propellers that ensure optimal thrust, efficiency and top-end speed to allow pilots to consistently perform at their best. Lumenier prop design starts from the ground up, considering flight speed, blade RPM and other factors to optimize each profile. Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, each prop has a unique airfoil and blade design, rather than using the same blade and duplicating them on double, triple or quad-bladed props. This leads to subtle, yet important, performance improvements that can mean the difference between a win or a DNF on race day.



  • 4x 6x5 3-Blade Gate Breaker Propellers, 2x CW and 2x CCW



1.DANG good freestyle prop!

Oh man, this 6 inch prop kicks butt. Amazing low-end control and grip, excellent thrust, and decent response time (especially at 7g). Get this prop and see why 6 inches is always better than 5.

2.Great prop with one issue

They feel fantastic in the air. They are smooth, locked in, durable, fairly fast, and efficient. Video footage looks beautiful and smooth, until you crash. The one issue I have with them is while most of the blade is really durable they tend to bend right at the hub in crashes and cause hd recordings (runcam split 2) to have a large amount of jell

o. The props can be bent back into spot to reduce the jello but its impossible to get it perfect.