5046C Dal Cyclone Purple 3-blade Prop

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DALPROP New T5046C Propeller with Faster Reaction, Easier Cornering Insane Punch-Out Power and Less Noise
Pre-Balanced, "Indestructible" T5046C ( 5.0 x 4.6) Cyclone Tri-Blade propellers made from super tough glass reinforced polycarbonate
Mounting hole: 5mm; Shape: Cyclone; Size: 5046 5x4.6
Perfectly compatible with most 200mm to 250mm mini quadcopters

Product Details

Brand name: Dalprop
Item name: Cyclone T5046C
Size: 5046 5x4.6
Mounting hole: 5mm
Color: Purple
Compatible model:200mm to 250mm mini quadcopter drone

Item Packing

2 CW T5046C

2 CCW T5046C