3D Race Stands by Phoenix RC Creations

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The race stands were inspired by a visit to my local fpv club and saw they used blocks of wood as race stands and I knew I could make something a little more pleasing to the eye than blocks of wood.


Light weight made from 3D filament that Glows blue from abs filament 

Total 8 printed parts and assembled using stainless M3 screws and m3 nyloc nuts.

Total print time takes upto 6 hours to complete a racestand.

Designed with the Phoenix logo.

Long strip of padding running along the top of the stand for soft mount 

Weighs up to 130 grams 

Comes unassembled with a diagram 

Personalised Special Orders: 

Getting your very own custom made frames to your liking can be done, please email tony phoenix3022@gmail.com to arrange your very own custom made race stand.

Personalised Custom:

Have the option to choose a colour  

Letters, symbols, Logos are fine as long as it fits within the template 

Package Included:

1x  3D Race Stands