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Who is addicted to fpv

I have had a passion for Multi rotor fpv for sometime now.! And I loved it from day 1! I've never had my own business before but decided to take that leap,  not knowing what was ahead. When i started,  i began stockpiling popular items & our house started to pile up with big boxes and made it hard finding a customers products not knowing what box were they in .....that was stressful. So i decided to make up a local store in my home garage. I guess we all start out somewhere! I love my job and what's not to love about a job you are passionate about.
The more support I get from customers around oz this will allow me to get a wider range of top level gear.
We build a close relationship with our customers knowing what they like and what ATFPV can provide. We are very passionate and take pride in what we do!

ATFPV works on building trust and making our customer feel comfortable and safe by protecting their private information. We only use PayPal because if offers a more advanced security system to protect your card from fraud. ATFPV is grateful for your support.

Pauly ATFPV :)


Addicted To Fpv values all our customers and we are here to offer assistance when we can. Drop us a email and we will get back to you asap. Team Atfpv ;)

  • Albury New South Wales, Australia